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18e conférence internationale de linguistique historique (ICHL 2007)
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We would like to thank the following colleagues who have accepted to present plenary sessions

Plenary Sessions

William Labov, University of Pennsylvania, The Life History of Linguistic Chance (download abstract)
Theo Vennemann, University of Munich, Rome, Etruria, Carthage? Origins of the Germanic runes (download abstract)
Gillian Sankoff, University of Pennsylvania, Lifespan change and language change (download abstract)
Claire Lefebvre, Université du Québec à Montréal, A Theory of Creole Genesis (download abstract)
Lyle Campbell, University of Utah, How Many Language Families are there in the World? (download abstract)
Richard S. Kayne, New York University, Some Thoughts on Grammaticalization (download abstract)
María Luisa Rivero, with the collaboration of Rodica C. Diaconescu, University of Ottawa, A diachronic view of psychological verbs with dative experiencers in Spanish (download abstract)

Special Tribute to Christiane Marchello-Nizia

Viviane Deprez, Rutgers University, Grammticalizing number and definitness in French based creoles (download abstract)
France Martineau, Université d’Ottawa, De l’Ancien au Nouveau Monde : configurations sociales et linguistiques (download abstract)
Christiane Marchello-Nizia, École Normale Supérieure-Lyon, VO et V (…) O en français (download abstract)

Corpora and Tools

Ludovic Lebart, École Normale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Statistical Inference in Historical Text Mining (download abstract)

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